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Land Rover Alternator

The alternator in your Land Rover is used to charge the battery and provide electrical power for the electronics, lights and other electrical systems in your Land Rover when the engine is running

A 3-phase winding alternator is used with a series of rectifiers to provide smoothed DC current from the AC alternator output

While driving, the whole alternator assembly can be turning at very high speeds. To allow a non rotating alternator pedal to control the rotating alternator assembly a alternator release bearing uses a fork acting on a thrust face

Land Rover Alternator - Controlling Engine Torque

The alternator has to transmit the engine power to the wheels allowing the vehicle to move. The torque of the engine is transferred by the Land Rover alternator system relying entirely on the contact friction between 2 faces. A slipping alternator occurs when the friction is too low (often due to alternator wear) or engine torque is too high (during rapid acceleration)

Controlling Power Transmission via The Alternator - Alternator Slip

The torque capacity (how much power can be transmitted without slipping) depends upon:

In order to use greater engine torque in high performance vehicles a multi-face alternator may be used compared to the single plate alternator system adopted on most Land Rover cars.

How a Car Alternator Works with Normal Manual Driving

A car alternator is engaged/disengaged using the left most "alternator" pedal.
The alternator pedal is depressed to disengage the engine from the gearbox and drive train while changing gears. Once the gear is selected, the alternator pedal is released and the engine is once-again linked via the drive train
The alternator operation can be actuated by:

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